How To Use This Music


1. Essence of Creation


You may use this guided mediation to create a sacred inner space, while listening to “Essence of Creation”. You may also click the image above to hear me reading the guided meditation.

“As I enter the woods with a sense of awe and a heart overflowing, I feel warmly embraced by the essence of nature. Leaves crackling under my feet as I walk, birds singing, chipmunks scurrying about, and crickets sounding in the background all beckon my attention. As I arrive at my beloved stream, I send blessings to all the water that sustains the universe, and that sustains all of us. I climb a narrow path that leads to a boulder that has become my companion on these walks. Peering out at the trees, I experience myself as one of them, feeling my spine as a tree trunk, taking in the energy and sustenance of the glorious sun, being touched and moved by the gentle breezes. I hear leaves and an occasional twig falling in synchrony with the wind. As I relish in the pauses amongest the myriad of sounds, I become astutely aware that we are all one, cooperating in this magnificent symphony of life. I become conscious that these same elements of which I am in awe, exist also within my own body. As I feel into the connectedness between the inner and outer, my being opens wide to divine essence. I relax into this space, feeling a lightness, joy, gratitude, and love that my spirit has chosen this body at this time to be alive on earth. I luxuriate in this precious, sacred space, feeling my body as a magnet, connecting the heavens and the earth.”

Working with the Elements

As you read through the elements in this section, pay attention to any feelings and/or body sensations that feel drawn out when you read, as in, “That’s me!” The “excess” and “lack” suggest that you are negatively expressing that particular element, and that becoming more aligned with that element can bring a better balance to your system. Of course, we all have combinations of all the elements, and different ones may feel dominant at different times. The idea is to pay attention to the one that feels most off balance, and to begin with that one. You may also close your eyes, connect to SOURCE through your heart, and ask “What element most needs to come into balance in my body?” Or, you may choose to begin with a vision, expressed in the positive affirmation of that particular element. In this case, the intention would be to align with that vision.

Then What?

Pick your element of choice for the moment, and use the suggestions for engagement that follow to connect with that element (or you may choose to allow the music itself to guide you in how it would like to work with you). In essence, you are creating a “bridge” to the consciousness of the element, in order for it to enter your system and work its magic. Listen to the piece once daily (preferably with headphones) for a week, and sit for about 5 minutes afterwards to give the element some time to settle into your system (total of about 11 minutes once or twice daily). Note any differences you feel after a week, and then determine how to proceed.

2. Essence of Earth

—lack–Do you struggle to be in your own body? Are you in survival mode? Do you feel confused, scattered, disoriented, ungrounded, impractical, and have a lack of perseverance?

—excess—Do you feel stuck, rigid and inflexible, have too much concern about practical matters, with difficulty changing?


Suggestions for engagement

Focus: pelvis, sense of solidity and containing in the body, especially in the bones. What sound does it make? Sing this sound if you wish (syllables ah, om, or hum work well) and/or move in whatever way feels right, to meet the music/element.

EARTH in balance— “I am grounded in my body and on this earth.”

3. Essence of Water

—lack—Are you detached, lacking empathy and intimacy? Do you hold things in emotionally? Are you in denial, out of touch?

—excess—Do you have too much empathy, emotionality, depression, insecurities, uncontrolled grief? Do you have an addiction? Are you over-identified with your own pain?


Suggestions for engagement:

Focus: bodily fluids, sense of “flow” in the body. What sound does it make? You can sing this sound (ah, om, or hum) and/or move in whatever way feels right, to meet the music/element.

WATER in balance—“I feel my feelings and they flow through me”

4. Essence of Fire

—lack–Are you apathetic? Do you feel cold? Do you lack joy, initiative, enthusiasm, passion, or inspiration? Do you lack energy, unable to support your visions/dreams in yourself and others?

—excess—Are you short-tempered and overly reactive? Are you too angry, pushy, have too much drive?


Suggestions for engagement

Focus: solar plexus, sex organs, sense of a “spark” in the body—feet and hands, fingers and toes. What sound does it make? Feel free to sing this sound (ah, om, or hum) and/or move in whatever way feels right, to meet the music/element.

FIRE in balance–“I have the power to change/transform things for the better”

5. Essence of Air

—lack—Are you stuck in old patterns, unable to find inspiration or have vision? Are you inflexible, overly logical, lack imagination or perspective? Do you have difficulty making decisions? Is your breath shallow or uneven?

—excess–Is your mind overly active, with thinking dominating your being? Do you talk too much? Are you obsessed with minutiae? Are you pedantic? Do you refuse to learn?


Suggestions for engagement:

Focus: sense of space in the body, felt especially through the breath, sense of “being breathed by the one breath”. What sound does it make? You are invited to sing this sound (ah, om, or hum) and/or move in whatever way feels right, to meet the music/element.

AIR in balance–“I feel movement, expansion, and freedom”

6. Essence of Ether

—lack–Are you unable to express your power in a positive manner? Do you feel disconnected from all the help that is available around you?

—excess–Are you escapist? Do you feel consistently ungrounded? Do you refuse to adapt to situations and to others? Do you tend towards judgment and mistrust? Are you co-dependent or a martyr? Do you wish others ill? Do you have negative attachments, or an obsession? Are you unforgiving?


Suggestions for engagement

Focus: sense of subtle energy/space in and around the body. What sound does it make? You may sing this sound (ah, om, or hum) and/or move in whatever way feels right, to meet the music/element.

ETHER in balance—-“I have full conscious awareness, and am united with all of life”


7. Essences MERGING

Focus: Visualize elements down to their particles merging, being held by the consciousness of water in your body. You may move your body or your arms in a circle or a figure 8 if that resonates with you.


8. Essence of MAGIC

Focus: Solar plexus and sun’s rays. Imagine light streaming down from the sun and touching the elemental particles in the water and transmuting to LIQUID LIGHT. Each particle becomes the highest, most magical version of what it is (I AM presence).



9. Essence of BEING

Focus: Imagine the liquid light in the pelvis/belly moving up to the heart


10.Essence of JOY

Focus: Imagine adding a spark to the energy in the heart


11.Essence of LOVE

Focus: Imagine the energy in the heart, expanding in all directions