"The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are" - C.G. Jung

Welcome to my website. You likely find yourself here because something is not right in your life. Perhaps you have symptoms-- such as depression, anxiety, rage, disordered eating and body image, and/or addictions. Perhaps your relationships are not the way you want them to be. Or the way in which you’re managing stress could be better. Maybe you feel out of sync, like you have lost touch with your own fullness—maybe you have never known the fullness of your own being.

I believe that beneath your symptoms, at your very core, is a wisdom and wholeness that you quite possibly don’t even know is there. And that the very symptoms that are showing up in your life, that you probably feel like pushing out of the way, are actually the way in. As your therapist, I partner with you on your journey, and we stay curious about those symptoms. With respect, presence, deep attention, and a keen intuition, something seemingly magical happens and they begin to shift. You may not even notice it. Your new ways of being will feel so natural to you that you may not even recognize that it is different from how you were before. The journey is about becoming more and more YOU, clearing the obstacles, the voices, the unhealed parts out of the way so that your SOUL may emerge as the driver of your life—your deeper, more expansive, and more embodied YOU.

I bring an integration of Eastern, Western, and shamanic principles to the therapy process. I bring cutting edge therapies—EMDR (EMDRIA-certified practitioner), Somatic Experiencing (SEP), Life Force Yoga (Level 1 Certified), Ego State therapy, and Dreamwork-- and 25 years of experience to the work. As a fully embodied, empowered woman who has been on her own journey with all of its twists and turns, I bring a deep wisdom that comes from a life guided by curiosity and adventure, an intense drive for wholeness, and deep inner soul work. I have lived in many places, and have been blessed by gifted teachers in the psychotherapy, shamanic, and sound healing traditions. As a musician and a composer and an intuitive of nature, I use sound and music as a complement to the therapy when guided to do so.

So have a look around. Peruse this site, paying attention to whether you feel a resonance. Take advantage of the free resources. Client or otherwise, I invite you to use this site as a resource on your own journey—to access information regarding mental health, to help bring you into balance when you feel out of balance, and to access your own “being-ness.”

Ultimately, I hope to be a catalyst for awakening your sacred self, and your connection to all that IS. Your body sensations, your symptoms, and your emotions are the way showers. It is my deeply held belief that the source of much of what is not right in our lives is being out of sync with our own bodies and the body of Earth, and that our life’s journey is about restoring this connection so that we may live more full, vibrant, engaged, and deeply meaningful lives.

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