Subtle Activism/Prayer

In the same way this music may be used to bring balance to the body of an individual, it may be used to bring balance to the body of GAIA. In order to do this, follow the instructions in the “How To Use This Music,” and simply add an intention, and perhaps a visualization, that it be for the Earth (ie, healthy forests, clean air, pure and abundant water, tamed fire, etc.). Given that the music is co-created with the Sidhe as well as elemental beings, it carries a powerful potential to make these intentions, prayers, and visions a reality.

In a message from the Elemental Kingdom to Peter Calhoun and Astrid Ganz in 2007 (“Last Hope on Earth,” 2013):

“We need your help. . . But more importantly, our earth is crying out and needs our help. . . You have to ask us! We know what is needed, but we have to be asked. That’s how the world works. . . We, not humans, have a direct connection with the primal forces of creation. We know how these powers work! But we’ve always needed the help of humans, who play an important role in maintaining a healthy environment. We have the power, but you are our grounding rods that enable those of us who dwell in the etheric realms to ground our gifts in the physical.” (p.144)